Through Global Grants, The Rotary Foundation matches contributions raised for international service projects in the seven areas of focus by Rotary clubs and districts in two or more countries. District 5180 may provide some District Designated Fund (DDF) for cash contribution (depends on available DDF & Grant Subcommittee Review).

For the 2024-2025 Rotary year, we are going to double the amount of DDF that can be matched to cash for global grants.  For every dollar of cash, the district will match it with two dollars of DDF, as long as there is remaining DDF.  This is due to almost double the amount of DDF that we usually receive.

The Primary Contact person (POC) and all committee members have to be trained by completing the 10-module Grant Management Seminar on RI's Learning Center, printing the Diploma, and sending it to the Grant Subcommittee Chair.  In subsequent years, requalification is accomplished by completing the single Grant Management Recertification module.

Applications are made online year round.  All Rotary Foundation grants require the highest attention to stewardship. Progress reports must be submitted at least every 12 months for the life of the project. A final report is due within two months of the full expenditure of funds.

Global grant proposals must be submitted to the Foundation Committee, along with their Community Assessment, for review prior to be submitting to TRF.  This review is intended to speed up the processing of global grants.  Any global grants that do not go through this process will not be approved by the Foundation Chair, nor by the District Governor (and will not receive DDF).  Although the District Foundation Chair (and the District Governor, if DDF is involved) authorize grant applications prior to submission, TRF has final approval on all global grant applications.

For additional information concerning Global Grants, contact Dennis Dunbar, District 5180 Global Grants Chair, at