As we wrap up this unusual Rotary year, I am preparing to hand the reins over to Desiree Wilson, as I ceremoniously did at the conference awards ceremony last month, as seen in this picture. But first, I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible year we've had. It was incredible for a lot of reasons, but when I look back, I think this is what I will remember most: 
First, Rotarians pivoted quickly to help their communities. So many clubs jumped in to help food banks and other services for people affected by the pandemic. Some clubs supported our health care workers who were so severely impacted by COVID.
Clubs that had never had much in the way of technology at their meetings were suddenly plunked into online meetings and Zoom became a very regular part of their lives. There were rocky moments, but we also had clubs with speakers from around the world, both big clubs and small clubs. Members reached out to others who were not so tech savvy and got them online, showed them the ropes of how to still be an active member in this unusual time. Phone trees were started to check up on members and make sure everyone was okay.
Many clubs continued to bring in new members. We started the pandemic with 37 clubs and finished with 37.
Our presidents, a remarkable cadre of leaders, rose to the challenge and inspired our clubs to continue to make their communities and their world better.
I think we also took the time this year to look at our clubs with fresh eyes and begin making the changes we need to, so we are more inclusive, diverse and relevant, so we can attract the members of tomorrow. 
I expect that through the leadership of Rotarians this year, 2021-2022 will be a record year of growth for Rotary, as our community has seen that - no matter what - we truly believe in and live the motto, “Service above Self.” 
During this time of pandemic, Family, Friends and Foundation were all critical. We made a difference. Truly, you were all “FFF'n Amazing" and it was my great privilege to be the district governor during this unprecedented time.
Proudly serving with you,
DG Brent