Never a Better Time to Invite a Friend

So August is Membership Month for Rotary. And with virtually all of our meetings VIRTUAL, there's never been a better time to invite a friend!
When District Governor Hastey says Rotary is "FFF'n Amazing," one of those F's is for Friends! This is the time to invite your friends to join us, to learn more about what Rotary stands for, and to check out a meeting or join us for a (safe) community service project! With virtual meetings, it's easier than ever for someone to attend. Just make sure you welcome them and help them understand what to expect. 
Now, more than ever, people want to connect and find a way to serve their communities. Let's make the most of this wild time, and introduce as many people as we can to the clubs, and to the organization, that we all love. As this year's theme touts, "Rotary Opens Opportunities," but Rotary can also be a light and a spark of hope for people who want to be part of the solution. 
Not sure where to start with a potential Rotarian, check out this web page with great information about what Rotary is about, and links to the various clubs in our district. 
And if you haven't already, please make sure you add your online meeting information to your website. It's only visible to members, but lets prospective members know that you're still active, meeting and serving your communities in spite of all we're facing these days.