Is your club ready for ReFire?  It is simply planning for making choices.  It is a process designed to support clubs in being intentional about their goals and methods.   

Simply stated, ReFire is a management tool, and like any management tool, it is used for one purpose only- to help your club to do a better job.

ReFire will help your club focus its vision and priorities in response to a changing environment and ensure that your members are working toward the same goals.  

In short we define ReFire as follows:

ReFire is a systematic process through which a club agrees on -- and builds commitment among key stakeholders to-- priorities that are essential to its mission and are responsive to the environment. ReFire guides the acquisition and allocation of resouces to achieve these priorities.

To sign up for your ReFire, contact Bill Wittich at 916-601-2485 or to email Click Here.

What will “success” look like for your club three years down the road?

Total cost $100.00 for your club